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Each of us can make a great contribution to a better life. Facing the future, Green Valley innovation will move from the eco-friendly era 1.0 of technology,  product and sevices based on customer needs to the era of eco-friendly 2.0 with China attributes.

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Green Valley takes "Green Valley China, Social Responsibility" as our mission, "Environmental Protection and Open-mindedness" as our concept, and takesthe "Responsibility, Humanism, Innovation, Eco-friendliness and Striving" as ourculture, introducing a large number of talents and equipments. We have themodern management system with international quality as the standard and control strictly during each process of R&D, Production, and Sales, hoping to become the leader of the elastic and Eco-friendly flooring in the world. 

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Precautions for daily maintenance of elastic interlocking tiles

1.Requirement of foundation The requirement of foundation is simple,just general concrete foundation is OK. The surface of foundation is smooth, no bulge, no break. The flatness requires 3 m to b...

How to installation rubber particles by the playground?

The EPDM rubber particle floor is made of EPDM rubber particles. It is also a kind of pollution-resistant EPDM rubber particle elastic floor. It is usually used in the community playground E...